QuickpipsFX Algorithm


After Years of Backtesting & Research, we have Finally Developed a Fully Automatic Algorithm which is really the Most Advanced Algorithm that has a complex code consisting of many great features to build the trust of our Investors so that they can easily forget their Investment to Grow without any worries. 

One of the best things about Algorithms is that it doesn’t involve any Emotional Intelligence which totally Reduces the chances of Error when Certain Function is specified.

Whereas on the Other hand, Most of the traders are unable to achieve Profits even with a Successful trading strategy Because of a lack of Decision making, Emotional Trading, and Attachment with Equity.

Our QFX Algo processes are divided into many different blocks which Allow it to Handle the market according to the Situation and Volatility


– Ultimate Algorithm (Ai)

We have Tested our Algorithm in the past 10+ Years Of History and we have not Encountered a Fault or Crash in our Equity(Technically).

Even though it has proven to make out without any Major Drawdown when there was Big Fall on EUR/USD during 2014-2015, The Price Fell 3500+ pips and more than 70% of the Retail traders Wiped their Equity trading EURUSD only, Whereas our Algorithm survived the fall and also started growing Equity Right after the Fall was complete.

Usually, the Average trade holding duration varies from 5mins. to 5Hours Depending upon the Market situation, We can conclude it as ‘Scalping Algorithm’.

Our Algorithm takes in between 150-200 Avg. Trades a Year, that means monthly we can expect 12-17 trades only and that is enough for us to get the target of 2-5% monthly Gains(Regardless of Any Trading Account with Equity 5000$ or above)

Most of the trades are taken During the New York trading session and continue till the beginning of the Australian trading session.


– Signal Generation 

The Signal generation block consists of Unique proprietary Indicators and Strategy. 

Our Strategy defines the market into 3 different Situations;

Low / Medium / High Volatility


Low Volatility

It’s the area of Market Price where the market is most likely to Consolidate and Price keeps on bouncing from the Demand and Supply zone. Such price areas are quite profitable and good for Counter-Trend Trades.


Moderate Volatility

This is the phase of price after the Break of Supply/Demand Zone which allows Investors in the Forex market to encounter more volume than Usual, We can also describe such areas as the Trending Market. Such regions are good for our Algorithm to make profits.

going beyond the boundaries of important breakout levels. Often, a breakdown of a strong level can be accompanied by a strong long-term movement, which can bring losses.


High Volatility

Once our Signal Indicator meets the Criteria of Strategy then such regions become good For taking the Trending Trades, these are also price areas which are critical due to the break Imbalance in Market Demand/Supply with high Volume so the market price is mostly Likely to retrace in those areas that’s why we also use Trade Filtering Block.

Checking the rate of price growth. History analysis shows that entering a fast-growing market is often not cost-effective and could lead to some losses or Equity Stuck.


– Trade Filtering Block 

which enables the algorithm to take the Best Possible trade-in that Scenario. After receiving a signal from the engine, The Analysis block checks the market conditions for the possibility of opening a position, If it doesn’t match then it waits for the price to move to the Next Possible Scenario. 


– News Filter

Our Smart Algorithm Switches to No Trade mode 30 mins Before the Major Fundamental News Data Release.

It also has a unique online filter that blocks trading during important events.

For example, trades were stopped for a few days during the elections of the President of the United States.

When this happens, Engine Creates a signal to keep trading as blocked.


– Equity Protection

Equity Protector Block constantly monitors the account equity and closes all the market and pending orders once the account equity reaches a fixed equity stop loss or profit target. 

We offer our clients the advantage of this feature as well where Clients can decide the Equity Stop for protection to a certain Percentage (By default we offer 50% Equity Protection) and Target to a certain level (200% is Set by Default).


– 70% Winning Ratio

Based upon our Historical data and Live market Testing we have come to Identify that our Algorithm is winning 70% of its Trades while the rest of 30% is occupied under Loss. The algorithm works only on EUR/USD Forex Currency pair.

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– Market Adaptivity

The Algorithm has almost all dynamic functions, it is a complex process, but this is necessary because the current market is changing very quickly and you need to always be ready for changes and be able to integrate into the current market conjuncture. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to gain Profits from the Constant Changing market situations because the forex market consists of a lot of Volume and Liquidity causing the change of Market Behaviour and Trading Conditions.


Smart Loss Fixing

QFX AI always works with smart loss fixing, as it happens,

The Algorithm divides the risks into 5 levels:


-Level 1
This Level is when 1 position is open and the Algo. Stop-Loss has large requirements for closing profit (for example, a large take profit). This means that the Signal generator Block has given a good and accurate signal, so the Algo. Stop-loss can allow you to increase profit from this position.

-Level 2
When 3 positions are open, it reduces the requirements for closing positions, reduces Take-Profit, and considers good exit points from the running positions.

-Level 3
When 4 positions are open, we also reduce the requirements and size of the Take-Profit. The Algorithm also looks at the drawdown and the distance between orders. If everything is under control, the AI Stop-loss is waiting for the market’s response.

-Level 4
When There are 6 open positions. The trades closing requirements are minimal and ready to exit with minimal losses. The algorithm try to minimize losses in such case Scenarios.

-Level 5
This is the last Critical level, which means that the Equity protection mode is enabled, all positions will be closed at the closest Loss point.


Smart take profit

Smart fixing also works with Take-Profit Levels, if our Take-Profit level has not been reached and the price shows signs of moving against us, then the Smart AI is going to Close the position on the next shift of candlestick. 

It’s quite Similar to Smart Stop-loss because the Take-Profit Level is not rigid but Dynamic as per the market Volume and Movement.


Auto Lot Management System

We offer low/medium/high-risk strategies. Normally we choose a low-risk strategy, so you have to let us know which one you want to choose. All trades run on a 1:1 risk to reward ratio and low risk brings an annual Max 8% drawdown. So if you choose medium/high then the drawdown would be higher.





-Low Risk offers 2-5% Avg. Monthly Gains with 8% Max Annual Drawdown.

-Medium Risk offers 4-10% Avg. monthly Gains with 16% Max Annual Drawdown.

-High Risk offers 6-15% Avg. monthly Gains with 24% Max Annual Drawdown.

The above Figures Represents Live Account Results from one of our Private Investors who implemented the QuickpipsFX Algorithm on his trading Equity with Low-Risk Management Settings.

-Daily Gain: 0.14%

-Avg. monthly gain:- 4-5%

-Drawdown:- 5%

-Avg. Trade length 4 hours 12 minutes.

-Winning Ratio:- 70% 

-Profit Factor:- 2.78

-Best Trade(Pips):- 24.1 pips

-Worst Trade(Pips):- -29.5 pips


If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die.