Algorithm Features

70% Winning Ratio

Proven Winning ratio based upon the intesnive backtesting.

Fully Automatic ai

No human Emotions are Involved, Executes trades when strategy criteria is met.

Server maintenance

Our team keeps a check on our servers every week to maintain the flow of profits.

Tested on dukascopy data

We have Back-tested our Ai on Swiss Bank Data which offers 99.9% Ticker Quality.

50% equity protection

Special Ai feature to close equity on 50% under most uncertain market.

5% avg. monthly gain

Low risk Offers such gains consistently, Results may vary depending upon the Volume and Market Situations.

News filter

Advance News filter makes sure that the Ai is not taking any trade during Volatile News timings.

Market adaptivity

Adapts to different market Situations based upon it's volatility.

Growth is Inevitable.


Calculate profits Ai generated from 2015 to 2021

After Years of Backtesting & Research, we have Finally Developed a Fully Automatic Algorithm which is really the Most Advanced Algorithm that has a complex code consisting of many great features to build the trust of our Investors so that they can easily forget their Investment to Grow without any worries. 

One of the best things about Algorithms is that it doesn’t involve any Emotional Intelligence which totally Reduces the chances of Error when Certain Function is specified.

Whereas on the Other hand, Most of the traders are unable to achieve Profits even with a Successful trading strategy Because of a lack of Decision making, Emotional Trading, and Attachment with Equity.


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Premium Channel

  • 5-10 Trades Monthly
  • Intraday and Swing trades
  • Monthly Pips Count
  • 500 pips Target

QFX Algorithm

99 Per Month
  • 5% Avg. Profits
  • 70% Winning Ratio
  • News Filter
  • 50% Equity Protection
8 Seats

1-1 Counselling

99 One Time
  • Zoom 2-3 Live Sessions
  • Problem Solving
  • Homework & Check
  • Professional Tips

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